What is the Spirit of the Himalaya?

... and just for a millisecond, you remember that we Human's are actually born with this unabashed curiousness and need for connection ....
Early morning light
Here you can listen to this

It’s when you wake up at 1AM only to the sounds of dogs barking further down the valley.

Night shot at 01:30 from Sama Guan

It’s when the moon shines so brightly that you see your shadow on the ground and the night stars twinkling overhead makes you think of esoteric questions like:

“Who am I really?”

It’s waking up at dawn to the sound of Mother’s making breakfast for their respective family’s.

Dawn light over High Himalaya from Sama Guan

It’s the sound of bells ringing from the Donkey Trains as they make their way out to transport goods to another town.

It’s watching the women and men make their way out into the fields with their baskets fixed firmly to their heads.

Mother and child in Lho

It’s realizing that these humble, stoic and gentle people have a life, that in a sense, you will never really be able to relate to, and that’s ok.

Mother and son working with harvest.


It’s hearing the sound of Namaste by young children and you turn to see them smiling and happy to see you ….

Diverse children on the Manaslu path

… and for just a millisecond, you remember that we Human’s are actually born with this unabashed curiousness and need for connection

It’s that soft, unconditional look from your porter who wait’s for you when you lag behind.

Prakash on the path outside Machha Khola

It’s when you look up at the mountains and see the wind whipping off the summit and you realize how small and fragile you are in comparison.

High winds whipping off the northern summit of Manaslu.

It’s realizing that there are many people who have treaded your path before, and many who will come after, and you are just this tiny speck in the Universe and the only thing that matters is that your time is NOW!

Prem looking over the valley from the Lho Monastery

It’s when all these powerful elements combined remind you that you are privileged to be given this gift we call life.

Meditating after swim in the river outside Lho (Photo Prem Jirel)
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