Nepal, India and Sri Lanka

I came to this part of the world looking to broaden my knowledge in the science of Yoga as well as observe the rituals of devotees’. Quite often I was astounded by sereneness of a moment, the many open acts of kindness bestowed upon me by strangers, and most of all a deep down wisdom and willingness to explore the topic of what is it, that defines the Human Experience. 

The places and people described here are a homage to these heartfelt teachings.

The experience from these interactions has taught me to open my heart! 

Sadhu reviewing ancient text on the banks of the Yamuna river, Vrindavan, India

Impressions & Inspirations


Juan comes to India – Our sojourn in the Himalaya

As the final chapter dawned on my journey here in Asia, my friend and spiritual brother Juan came all the way from Norway and joined me as we set off to find Moksha in the Himalaya. In his own words, Juan tells about what he experienced here in Northern India.

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Katy Appleton


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My Spiritual Journey

On this road I will be meeting people of all backgrounds and beliefs where I will ask them what is The Meaning of Life?

Ladies in red


The land of Gods and Gurus


The land of Mystics and Mountains