There is more I need to see and more I need to do

Interview in Goa - Poolside with Pat

(Her death) had a huge impact on me. I’ve become a lot more tolerant and a lot more caring ….

Pat, Manchester, England

On a typical day, at an indiscriminate hotel in the north of Goa, I listened to a guy making conversation to the woman behind the service counter. His pleasantness and sense of inquiry to her well being at first had me wondering as to whether this man had ulterior motives, as I don’t expect us Westerners to be that genuine or caring about the Indian staff at a Hotel, here in Goa. It was only when I bumped into him in the hallway as I was made my way past his room, that I noticed that his tonality and inquisitiveness was no different. I concluded that here was an authentic person who was happy in his own skin.

Pat had been just on 10 weeks here in India. He had travelled alone and had met all sorts of people as well as appreciating being on his. His mild manner, quick wit and smile made him a likable character. When he asked me if I’d like to accompany him to the beach, it wasn’t hard for me to say yes in sharing both my company and my thoughts about why I had chosen to come to India and the impact that it has made on me.

Pat’s interview is one that I would like to dedicate to anyone out there who feels stuck in a rut. Through the death of his life partner, Pat has not only managed to continue being a loving and supportive father to his children and grandchildren, but he has also been prepared to reinvent himself, challenge his prejudices and seek new avenues to making sure that the chapters in his life story are filled with depth and meaning.

I hope you enjoy his candidness and honesty as much as I did.

After a couple of days, the apprehension I felt, being alone and away from family. I felt quite low. But after getting over that shock, I opened myself to meet the most amazing people who are honest and accepting. This has opened me up to admitting that there is more I need to see and do ….

Pat on his initial experience of traveling alone
Pat’s reflections and openness are what makes conversations on the road all the more heartfelt and meaningful.
Play to listen to Pat’s interview on how he found meaning after the passing of his wife

It was four or five months before the realization really hit me – this is it. I’m on my own now!

Pat on realizing the impact of his wife’s passing
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