We fell out and didn’t speak to one another for seven years ….

Brothers in arms

Whatever he did has had an effect on redirecting my consciousness. I am able to pursue a career in the arts because I know that my brother provides a safe haven for me despite the unpredictable nature of the film industry.

Younger brother Paul on his older brother Anish
Anish and Paul
Anish (left) and Paul (right) – brothers who have re-evaluated their relationship over the years

When I came into contact with Anish and Paul, there was a trust and respect that I immediately noticed in their presence. I found out that there was a eight year age difference, the same that I too had with my older brother. I could see how they both were different, but they had an understanding that despite choosing two different career paths, they could still inspire one another as well as be there for moral and financial support. Here they were in Goa, Anish was back after a three and a half year stint in Montreal, Canada. Described by his brother as the hard working and disciplined one. Paul was taking a break from his job as a cinematographer in Mumbai (Bombay). He has come across tough times in the industry especially after financial backing dried up over the Corona period. He had no problem telling me that it was thanks to his big brother, that the two of them could enjoy the fruits of what Goa had to offer.

I immediately began by asking them both to describe what has been and is their role as a brother:

Press play to hear Anish and Paul describe their relationship as brothers
Anish: I kinda felt like I had to be a role model for him
Paul: He wasn’t just a role model to me but to all of us. He sacrificed his own being.

But then I had to ask them on the time where they drifted apart from each other. Often brothers feel the need to break away from the bonds of family and expectations. Rebellion can feel like a personal attack on the other’s integrity. How did they cope with this period? What lessons were learned?

Anish and Paul open up on their rift with each other.

So how do two strong individuals mend a rift that has maybe festered between two siblings over many years. Is their any advice that Anish and Paul were willing to give that could help others repair their ongoing conflict?

How to repair the rift ….
Anish: First is reflection, then you have to realize that you have to keep working at it.
Paul: Don’t try to force your version onto the other. If you accept the other for who they are – forgiveness comes naturally.
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