Inside the mind of an Introvert!

At least one-third of the people we know are introverts. They are the ones who prefer listening to speaking; who innovate and create but dislike self-promotion; who favor working on their own over working in teams. This extrovert took time out to interview Sam, a 22 year old, self confessed introvert to ask him about society's misconceptions and how introverts can help balance a society that is craving introspection and compassion.
Sam in sunset Goa

I think what you’ll find with introverts are that we are more selective in our social interactions, having a preference for conversations that make us think rather than just relate.

Sam Gale, confessed introvert from Southampton, England
Sam relishing a fresh water pond in Contigoa National Park, Goa

Sitting on a secluded beach in Goa, I am taking in the happenings of the day. I have just spent the day hanging with Sam, a well articulated young man who hales from Southampton, England and is also traveling alone. We have just come from trudging in the Contigao National Park in 35 degree heat. We have both enjoyed the silence of the park, even though most of the animals were resting from the heat of the midday sun. I notice that not only is Sam a resourceful young man fresh off from completing his MSc in Chemistry, but that he has been inspired to travel, a gift that he freely attributes to both his mother and father, who inspired him from an early age with trips to Asia, Africa and Europe.

But this quietly spoken young man also talked openly about the challenges of traveling India alone, but it was his admittance of his introvert nature that really caught my attention. He certainly didn’t lack any confidence in striking a conversation with both myself and others on a superficial level. What caught my attention was his deep sense of presence and his thoughtful reflections. It made me want to ask him about misconceptions that this otherwise extrovert and overconfident society have made on this group of people who are much more common than we are otherwise lead to believe.

My first question was: How do you know that you are an Introvert?

Sam: I think that rather than spending time in social settings and feeding off the energy of others, I would prefer to spend time in a quiet environment. That’s how I recharge. This doesn’t mean that I am not social or don’t enjoy the company of others, quite the contrary. I enjoy people, but mainly seek company of those that I know quite well. I will spend more time with myself which is important to refuel and re-energize. I don’t have the need to process with others so much. I prefer to reflect and analyze on my own.

What is the biggest misconception about Introverts?

The biggest misconception is that we don’t like other people – Sam

Can you give me an example of a scenario that stresses you the most as an Introvert?

Parties are not really my thing, unless I’m hosting them, then I can be left alone to my own devices – Sam
You need to have a really good understanding of each other in order to make it more sustainable – Sam on Relationships between Introvert and Extrovert individuals

Can Introverts be in relationships with Extroverts, or do these differences cause too much conflict?

I suspect that I will end up being in a relationship with another Introvert

How will traveling alone in India as an Introvert affect your overall experience?

After the Pandemic, I have felt the need to retrain myself and not overthink in social situations so this journey is going to put this to the test.
It’s just about learning different ways of interacting with the world around you – Sam Gale Goa 2023
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