The Beginning

I have decided to add myself as one of the thousands of seekers who arrive here in the Himalaya with the yearning to explore these age-old philosophies.

What is the meaning of Life?
Can we as humans find internal peace?
Is there something more than the limitations of our minds and bodies?
Ritchie with monk at Boudhanath
Blessings together with a Tibetan monk at the Boudhanath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal
Photo by Deepak Prasad Dhamala

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Over the next few months, I will attempt to encounter everyday people as well as other spiritual seekers and ask them to give their contemplations on these questions.

My journey will take me through the mountains and temples of Nepal, to an Ashram in Northern India to learn Hatha Yoga, before embarking on a pilgrimage by foot to visit the caves of legendary Sadhus. My wish is to engage with priests, monks and nuns as well as the local people who live in these areas, where I will ask them to reflect on their own beliefs and practices that they use in order to become a better human being.

It is my intention to stick to these three simple principles:
1. Tell the truth (ouch!)
2. Do my (yoga) practise every day.
3. Do not harm other living creatures (including Humans) around me.

I hope I can relate my contemplations to you dear reader with compassion, clarity and humour. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to embark on such a journey. To all of you who have encouraged me:

Thank You!

It is because of you that I am here and ready to take my first steps.

In memory of Philip – who always encouraged me to follow my dreams
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My Spiritual Journey

On this road I will be meeting people of all backgrounds and beliefs where I will ask them what is The Meaning of Life?

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The land of Gods and Gurus


The land of Mystics and Mountains